Language tests

The evaluation of language skills has been an objective and reliable procedure for a long time, with the help of standardized tests targeting general public or specific groups and allowing to compare the skill levels of several individuals.

Different tests allow testing of five basic skills of language proficiency:
- written comprehension
- oral comprehension
- written expression
- oral expression
- interactivity.

The first three of these do not present any difficulty in terms of the result comparison. With the development of technology, it has also become possible to test oral expression in an objective ("standardized") manner, whereas interactivity remains a subjective area, limited to the personal assessment by the interviewer.

The best known language tests present in the world market are currently the following:


TOEFL, iBT and PBT versions
TOEIC, including TOEIC L&R, TOEIC S&W, and TOEIC Bridge
IELTS, Academic and General Training versions
Cambridge tests: KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE
Pearson Test of English, Academic and General versions
BULATS, English L&R and S&W









Informburo team possesses unparalleled expertise in the creation of practice software preparing individuals for the standardized language tests.
Study materials and test simulations developed by Informburo are used by:
- universities and other higher education bodies
- language schools
- admissions prep schools
- publishers issuing language textbooks
- companies wishing to prepare their employees for standardized language tests.

You will find examples of online and offline software imitating standardized language tests – created by Informburo – in the Projects section.

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