Customized tests

Customized tests produced by Informburo are created for organizations wishing to test their employees' skills in domains that are normally not featured in the "standardized" tests. The data obtained as a result of this testing are used in important decision-making concerning recruitment, appraisal, and promotion of employees, as well as other HR-related decisions.

Customized tests allow validating:
- specific language skills (for example, language proficiency as applied to finance, chemistry, psychology, etc.)
- professional skills (such as knowledge of terminology, procedures, applicable legislation, etc. – customized for the company's activities)
- general intelligence (for example, as a part of job interviewing process)
- skills and competencies obtained at in-company training.

"General public" solutions are hardly available in these cases. This is when Informburo team brings its support to HR managers helping simplify and streamline the testing procedures.

Examples of customized tests created by Informburo for various organizations over the past years are presented in Projects section.

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